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Infinity Diamonds of Port Charlotte, Florida

Let that special someone know what's in your heart with our assortment of diamond and gold jewelry. We have new, pre-owned and custom design options available. Show the one you love how much you care with high quality jewelry from Infinity Diamonds in Port Charlotte, Florida.
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Diamond - Diamond Gemstone in Port Chalotte, Florida

Diamond Guide

Our impressive diamond selection is uniquely designed to accentuate the stone's brilliance as well as reflect the personal style of its recipient. We provide you with knowledgeable personalized service to help you choose the right gemstone for your occasion. Ask our staff about the quality of our diamonds and find the right one to fit your occasion and your budget.

The 4 C's of Diamond Quality
  • Carat – how heavy the stone is; heavier diamonds are more structurally dense and have a higher value
  • Color – the less color a diamond has, the more it is worth; color within the stone keeps it from capturing and fracturing the light, making it lose some of that sparkle
  • Clarity – absence of flaws or blemishes within the stone
  • Cut – the shape, which impacts the way the stone reflects the light and reflects the personal style of the wearer

Go for the Gold

When it comes to jewelry, go for the gold standard. No metal is more popular for use in quality jewelry. When you purchase gold jewelry, you want the right balance of purity and durability. Since gold is such a soft metal, you'll want to think through how strong your ring or necklace needs to be. When gold is mixed with other metals like copper or zinc, the durability of the jewelry increases, but the purity of the gold decreases. The number of karats lets you know how pure the gold is. Ask us about gold purity and let us help you make the most informed decision before you buy.
24 karats–gold is 100% pure
22 karats – gold is 92% pure
18 karats – gold is 75% pure
14 karats – gold is 58% pure
12 karats – gold is 50% pure
10 karats – gold is 42% pure
6 karats–gold is 25% pure
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